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Purēs Skincare brings you the best of nature and science
for pure, silky skin.

Our skincare range has been developed after years of research. We’ve found the world’s best natural and organic ingredients, proven to give men and women great looking skin today and tomorrow.

Simplicity is key. Results are paramount.

Our philosophy is that skincare should not be complex. Our aim is to minimise the products you need, to keep your skin at its best.

Yet we haven’t compromised performance. All our ingredients are scientifically proven to benefit your skin.

Every ingredient in Purēs Skincare packs a powerful punch. Its pure, natural ingredients are scientifically proven to refresh, rejuvenate and protect your skin.

We know you’ll love it.

Here’s our story

Purēs Skincare founder, Con Diamantopoulos, has worked in the beauty industry for over 18 years.

Over time, Con had become baffled that he couldn’t find a simple, modern and natural skincare range that worked. He made it his quest to find the perfect natural skincare solution for men and women – without the use of any harmful ingredients.

Con’s belief was that by combining science with nature, he could create a skincare range that would deliver. He wanted to use organic and natural ingredients that were scientifically proven to benefit the skin.

Because of his proud Mediterranean heritage, he knew the ancient medicinal and cosmetic benefits of the humble olive fruit, its extracts and properties, which are very similar to those found in our own skin. Con continued the search for other valuable natural ingredients that could combine to enhance the skin’s natural strength and elasticity.

After 18 years of research, Con and our team have developed a truly natural, gentle and effective skincare range – Purēs Skincare Australia.

Our philosophy

At Pures Skincare Australia:

  • We use pure and organic Australian ingredients wherever possible.
  • We ensure every ingredient included in our range has been scientifically proven to benefit the skin. [Link to internal page with scientific studies]
  • We love our environment – all our packaging is recyclable.
  • We love our animals – we do not conduct or condone animal testing.
  • We are proudly Australian.